Here’s a 2 for 1 special blog for today.

Go Pistons, Go Red Wings…

Both teams have completed their playoff rounds.  Pistons beat the crap out of the 76’rs last night.  I didn’t watch it but I watched the scoring and stats.  Hamilton was off the hook!  Was a 30 point lead towards the end of the game. (100 to 77)

Red Wings, holy crap, they swept the Avalanche!  Go stick that one in your pipe and smoke it!  Fuck, it was 8 to 2 final but was 7 to 1 at the end of the 2nd period.

Lastly, myspace blogs were fucked up a few days ago and when I posted my last workout blog, it bombed and I lost everything.  I was too pissed and tired to redo it all.  Of note earlier was that I bench pressed 140, in 2 sets of 8.  I just couldn’t do it again and did my last set of 8 at 125.

Today, however, not only did I press 140 for all 3 sets but I pressed 155 as well.  Feeling that this was too easy, I notched it to 170 and pressed that 3 times.  Holy shit, I’m going to be able to press 200 in a couple weeks for sure.

My curls are also getting higher.  I did 2 sets of 8 at 80 lbs and my last set of 8 at 95 lbs.  My arms don’t hurt doing the curls like they did when I started so it’s not such a pain in the ass to do them.

My next big goal that I’m aiming for is the 12 minute mile.  I have been notching up my run speed on the treadmill and have started running at 6 mph.  I’ll run for a lap, then walk for a lap then rest.  There is another strategy for running that I came to the realization about.  I think I need to just try to do a slight jog for as long as I can, even at 10 minutes I think that would be good.  My endurance is shit right now and I want to boost it up.  Pacing myself slowly seems to be the best option.  I normally walk for about 20 minutes per mile which is 3.5 mph.  I think I’ll inch it up by 0.1 every 3 days and see how well I do.

Heart rates are awesome.  My heart rate at 5.5 mph is around 168 and drops down to 138 when I go back to walking, after about 2 minutes.  Today, my first try at 6 mph, my heart rate was 180 and dropped to 140 after 2.5 minutes.  I’m a huffin and a puffin when I’m done running, that’s for sure.

Ok, that’s about it.

Oh, wait… I tried to get financed for a bike today but the lady didn’t call me back so I’m thinking that my credit is so unfavorable that I can’t even get a 1500 dollar loan for this bike … that being with a 1500 dollar down payment.  Goddamit

~ by aeroslin on May 2, 2008.

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