Once again, I was labeled as an arrogant ass.  I wasn’t even trying to be.  It was pointed out to me that sometimes when I speak (write) I switch up words.  Such as in a conversation about gravity, I refered to our ability to measure the planets as ‘newtonian mechanics’ which is, I feel, a completely on target thing to say.  Yet, I was called arrogant because of it.

This other thing was also mentioned to me about how I speak (write):  I talk about things that I only know little about but do so in such a way as to sound like I know a lot.  Umm, hmm.  I’m just not seeing the problem in this.  So, instead of speaking (writing) about something confidently (which I was always scolded for not doing) I should instead dumb-down my words and make myself look like a moron.

That problem is related to the first one.  What really fucking pisses me off is being accused of purposely saying things  that go far above the knowledge level of normal people in order to make myself look smarter then I am.  Yet, that’s just it.  I might know little about what I’m speaking but I know more than most.  I speak in such a way in order to force people to learn.  If you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, then learn.  If you don’t want to learn, ignore what I’m saying but don’t accuse me of being arrogant and trying to look better then everyone else.

Gravity is easy to explain but is the most mysterious of the 4 fundamental forces in the universe.  So it is therefore intellectually dishonest to gloss over that fundamental problem by stating that gravity is easy to understand.  The person that wishes to gloss over this is the arrogant one that makes the assumption that nobody would want to know.

I have a peave for ambiguity.  When I come into work and read the shift report for 1st shift and I read that , “shit broke, we fixed it” that’s going to warrant a phone call from me to figure out what the fuck  happened and believe me, I’ve made that call a couple times.


~ by aeroslin on May 7, 2008.

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