Yup, after not working out for the last 2 days because I had to go into work early, I went in and hit my 12 minute mile.  It was actually 12 minutes and 5 seconds but I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started off running at 6mph (should have put it to 6.5) for the 1st lap, then down to 3.8mph for the 2nd.  Before I finished the 2nd lap I turned it back up to 6.5mph and ran for another lap, then back down to 3.8mph but only did that for a few ticks before I edged my ‘walk’ speed to 4.0mph.  I walked for about a half of the 3rd lap at that speed then jacked it up to 7.0mph which finally felt like a run.  I ran until I hit 1 mile on the counter.  Final time was 12:05.

I was shaking with adrenaline or endorphins or whatever it is that causes that jittery feeling.  I finished up with the weights, then went swimming.

My heart rate after hitting 7mph was 174.  Meaning it’s taking more and more effort to move up my heart rate now.  Which is fucking awesome, it means I’m getting into pretty good shape now.

My weight keeps fluctuating though.  My gut size is getting smaller, that much I can feel when I bend over to put on my shoes and when I wear my belt.  It’s not where I want it though.  My salad binge last week caused me to loose about 10 pounds but I’ve put on about 2 more, and then lost about 1/2 a pound in my workout today.  195.5 is still way too high.

~ by aeroslin on May 8, 2008.

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