In the name of Boredom

When you work for a company, it sometimes occurs that the ‘powers that be’ feel that you don’t have enough to do and thus make up work for you to do.  This isn’t really a problem for me actually but I’ve seen it happen often enough.  All this occurs as a result of validating your position.  The question being, “is there a reason why you’re here?” and “If not, is there someone else that could take on your duties?”

In some cases the work that is being done is completely pointless and inefficient on a whole.  I could provide examples but I think the point I’m making is pretty clear.

From another angle I see politicians trying to look busy by creating laws that make no sense, or by trying to sneak in laws that might hook them into a nice little deal on the side as a result of their law.  What happens then is a shit load of laws are created that make no sense all in an attempt to validate their roles in the position they were elected into.  Why do we need lawmakers constantly making more laws?  The job as a congressman was never meant to be a full time position but a position that was called upon when needed.  Being a politician wasn’t mean to be a gateway for riches and wealth either and I think that’s part of the poison in our government today.

I could really go on and on about laws that are passed that make no sense, yet receive a full backing by a united House of Representatives.  Take a moment and read some of the laws that are on the floor of our congress now.  Library of Congress

Here we go, this is what I’m talking about in this article.  Here we have some governmental department called ‘Consumer Services Department’ who, in an attempt to justify their existence, entrap 78 year old men who offer a service of kindness, and then charge them with an ‘illegal taxi service’

Man Accused Of Providing Illegal Taxi Service

This is what happens when good intentions go wrong.  This is why I’m a self-centered prick.

If you’re still too dense to see the stupidness of the above article, picture being arrested for being a designated driver.  Yeah, that’s what they represent.

~ by aeroslin on May 10, 2008.

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