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Just in case someone forgets, like myself, why I do not support Ron Paul anymore, is because of his stance on the power of the state.

He believes that the feds don’t have the power to overturn state laws.  However, if it wasn’t for the feds stepping in during critical junctures of our history, we would be living in a country much different than it is now.  We’d have gone back to the dark ages a lot sooner.  I mean, as it is now, we’re heading into a new dark age, what with the prevalence of retards that believe in talking snakes that seem to be running this country.

I know that my state has tried to pass some really nasty laws that would push my local world closer to a theocrasy, not someplace that I want to be, and the feds have stepped in and said, ‘Nope,  you can’t do that.’  I’m thankful for that.

I’m not a blind supporter of our federal government by any means but there are times when it works as it’s supposed to.

This topic came up out of the topic of abortion.  Something I feel very strongly about which is nobody’s business but the woman’s.  Even during my most religious days I believed that it was the choice of the woman to make on her own and nobody else has a say in the matter.  Mainly because she’ll have to live with the decision for the rest of her life and for most people it isn’t an easy choice to make.  To base the argument against abortion, however, on potential is about as fallacious as it gets.  Life for a human doesn’t start until they’re born.  If they are breathing air, they are alive in this world.  So long as they’re breathing amniotic fluid, they are a parasite to the mother and the mother has complete control.

Besides, with any laws against abortion, then there will need to be an investigation done for every mother who has ever miscarried her child, right?  This is a natural occurance, aren’t they?  Are they?  Are you sure with 100% accuracy that they are always natural?  No, you cannot be certain with 100% accuracy that a miscarriage was a natural event.  So in such a dark world, anyone who miscarries their child should be investigated for murder, which is what the laws would do to doctors who performed the procedures.

Yes, a doctor who has dedicated his entire life towards helping living, breathing human beings, would be charged for murder for aborting an unborn human.  Really, the next step that needs to be taken towards our modern dark ages is the banning of birth control altogether.  That’s preventing the potential of life, or perhaps even aborting a pregnancy in it’s first stages of cell division (though I don’t know how BC works exactly, I might be totally wrong on this).  Wouldn’t the prevention of potential be considered attempted murder?

Does anyone see how fucking rediculous that sounds?


~ by aeroslin on May 10, 2008.

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