New Shoes

Yeah, so I thought that the problem with my shins being sore was maybe a result of doing all my running in high-tops.  Um, nope.

I bought a really nice set of Adidas running shoes and found out a couple of things.  First, my feet are different sizes.  I’m a size 9 1/2 on my left foot and a 10 on my right.  I never noticed before because all my shoes are stretched to fit my feet.  Secondly, lowtops suck.  Those Adidas suck bad.

I know enough to accept that the shoes need to be worked into but there isn’t any way I can work these shoes in.  I managed to walk a single lap on the treadmill but when I started running, shooting pains ran from my ankles to my knees to start.  I thought that was just the normal stiffness from running.  Then, about halfway through the second lap, my right foot felt like someone tied the tendons and muscles on the bottom of my foot into a goddam knot.  I could barely walk out of the workout room.  I went down to the locker room and replaced my shoes with my old high-tops (after a slow massage of my foot).  Once I put the hightops back on, my foot felt fine.  I managed to do another 6 laps of walking and running (not my 12 minute mile again, though) without too much discomfort.

I didn’t stay long though.  Only did 2 sets, then went swimming and left.  I’m tired and my sleeping schedule is all fuckered up from the weekend.

~ by aeroslin on May 12, 2008.

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