Pay Your Bills

Just a short note.  People gripe about paying bills.  It sucks to fork out that cash in order to pay for something that you don’t really value until it’s gone.  I’ve experienced it like this, my sisters are experiencing it constantly.

My one sister got really pissed because she didn’t get any money back in taxes this year ($4000+) because she hasn’t paid anything on her college loans, school that she dropped out of.  And she’s not getting any stimulus check either because of that.

I understand the frustration but you can’t hate the government for doing it, hate yourself for not paying your bills.  I know I have already gone down that road and am currently still walking it but at least my school loans are no longer affecting my ability to file tax returns.  I still owe the IRS 80 bucks, which will be paid out in my stimulus check so I’ll be free and clear all the way around.  I look forward to filing my last 3  years in taxes (which is as far back as I can go) and get all that money owed to me by the IRS.

So, anyhow, my whole shit-can of bullshit I’ve been dealing with is my past bill paying hatred.  I wanted to buy a motorcycle but even with a golden co-signer, they denied me a 4200 dollar loan.  What is bullshit on top of  that is that I could buy a car for 15000 with a co-signer, just not a motorcycle.

I can’t tell you how many FUCKS I’ve uttered because of that.

Either way, once I take care of that other unfinished business, I should be well on my way to having some solid purchasing power.

I really want a house, especially with the market like it is.

So, lesson for the day, pay  your fucking bills, no matter how much it hurts to do so.


~ by aeroslin on June 12, 2008.

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