Just sad

Every time I think about motorcycles, I feel sad.

I want one so bad that I hurts but at every single step I’ve taken to get one, I’ve been denied.  My dealings with Groves in Mason is the most disappointing ever.  I had a golden cosigner, my Dad.  The guy runs our checks and everything looks good.  The salesman comes back out with a big ole smile saying that the deal is done, minus some formalities.  We sit down, go over the prices and the terms.  I’m beaming happy.  He gets up and goes back into the finance office.  10 minutes later he comes out and says that the deal fell through.  The finance company, despite having a golden cosigner, refuses to finance me.  He says that the only way that I will be able to get that bike is if my dad buys it for me.  What the fuck is a cosigner good for?  What is really fucking sick is that if I wanted a car, I could get it with a cosigner.  A goddam 15000 dollar car I could get financed for but a 4200 dollar bike is unattainable.  I told the salesman that it’s no-deal if I can’t be on the loan.  Burned up over 2 hours at this place.  It really hurts having that happen to me.  To have your hopes all up in the clouds only to SLAM them back into the dirt.  For fucks sake, you’d think I was talking about a woman …

My previous blog about paying bills, yeah, that was me yelling at myself for not doing what I should have a long time ago.


It’s done now, all I can do is work on fixing it.

In the meantime, I’m saving up cash.  I have about 1500 saved up right now and may be able to buy one outright with cash in another month or two.

Hey, if anyone actually does read these blogs and knows where I can get a cheap cruiser style bike, let me know.  I lost out on a 1800 dollar deal for a 2004 Honda Rebel because I was counting on the deal at Groves.  Now I just want a fucking bike.  I’m looking for an engine size lower than 600.  I’d go for a Shadow or a Vulcan but I’ve been looking to get the Rebel for something to start on.

ps.  I’d go for a 50cc moped at this point as all I really NEED it for is to drive the measly 5 miles I have to get to work.  Would save me a boatload in gas since I drive the truck all the time which gets about 12 mpg.  12 mpg to 80 mpg is a nice change.


~ by aeroslin on June 14, 2008.

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