Random Thought

In their attempt to reap more money for their businesses, large corporations have moved their eye for labor to other countries.  Mostly tapping into workforces that will work for pennies in any environment.  You will notice that these corporations want their workforce under a bootheel.  If not their own, then their own government will do.

However, with the onset of a globalized economy and a world wide workforce, the idea of fair wages all around will be echoed around the world, at least among countries that are are actually free to voice their opinions.  It’s a gradual process but the evolution of the hard labor workforce is inevitable.  Now, I’m no fan of unions by any means, at least not in the advanced work environment like the United States but in impoverished or 3rd world countries that are having their workforce exploited by big business, unions are a must.

The big corps love places like China because the government provides the bootheel in order to keep a cheap workforce available.

I predict that in the next 50 years, the concept of a cheap workforce will be almost gone.  The big corporations will run out of places to setup their sweatshops and will then have to consolidate their resources and operate under a different and more efficient model.

I came up with this thought while sitting around a campfire during Memorial weekend.  I had almost forgotten about it.


~ by aeroslin on June 16, 2008.

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