New Bike

I did it.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I found a place that was selling some cheap mopeds, brand new.  I bought one and have been totally farking addicted to riding it.

I had some troubles when I started out though.  It wasn’t getting enough air into the carb and was causing the bike to take off really badly, even stalling.  Once I troubleshooted the problem and found the solution, it was easy to fix.  Now she runs good.  Now I trust it enough to take it out and ride ride ride…

Might not sound like much but just today I put over 60 miles on it.  I drove it to work so I know I’ll be able to get there with no problem.  I’ve been finding routes all over the place.  Side streets, side walks, etc.  I had it going over 40 mph, which is really good for a 50cc, 4-stroke motor.  I drove that thing all over the place.

It’s only a 50cc so there’s no helmet law that applies and no drivers license needed to operate.  Fuck the poe-poe.  It’s freedom for me.  I love it!

So, the next step is the real thing but that will come in time, when I have more experience riding in general.

~ by aeroslin on June 22, 2008.

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