So long George

I grew up with George Carlin.  Unbeknownst to my dad, at night when he’d be asleep, I would put a record on of Carlin and listen to it with headphones.  I believe it was his ‘Live at Carnegie Hall’ bit.  Complete with the 7 words you can’t say, and then some, I really did get much of my snarkyness from him

I told myself around my birthday last year that I really wanted to see him before he died as I knew he was not only old but had suffered from several heart attacks.  I looked around my b-day but the closest I could find him was in Philly.  I let it slide until February of this year.  I just happened to be looking around on the internet and stumbled upon a schedule of his upcoming shows.  He was playing the Wharton Center which is like 8 miles away from here.  I snatched up the tickets as fast as I could.

I saw him on March 30th, a Sunday.  Never before have I ever felt like I was more among people that I could relate to.  The crowd really latched onto his Atheism bits and roared with applause.  The show was great and something I’ll never forget.

I’m glad that I did catch him before he died.


~ by aeroslin on June 23, 2008.

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