My Poor Nephew

My poor nephew, Corey.

See, I got myself a moped last weekend and then my nephew came home late during the week.  On Saturday he came over with my other nephew, Johnathan.  I had bought the two a mini-bike back in like April to ride around the parking lot here in the apartment complex.  After a little tuning up I managed to get the mini-bike to go pretty fast.  This weekend, with all three of them, I let Corey take out the minibike, I took out the moped and put Johnathan on the back of that and we went riding around town.

We rode all over Holt, to all my old stomping grounds.  I told them all kinds of stories of the parties I had here, the skateboarding I did there, my infamous trip down deadmans hill on a snowboard that put me in the hospital.  It was awesome.  That was today, Sunday.

When we all got back to the townhouse, we decided that we were going to paint the bikes and put designs on it.  We started by cleaning off the fenders and the chain protector, then laid down some tape over the fender pieces and drew designs on them.

Johnathan tried to draw claw marks but that didn’t work out so he had me draw some lightening bolts on it.  I drew them up, and then cut along the drawing lines.  So far so good.  While I was cutting these, Corey drew up his design and started cutting along his lines, only he missed the tape on one part and practically took off his finger.  The razor blade sliced right into his index finger, shaving about a centimeter chunk of flesh right open.  It formed an L shape, flapping in the wind.  Blood was everywhere.  I was in a near panic but managed to gather my senses quick enough to wrap up some paper towel and put direct pressure on the wound.  I started calling people.  Got him to the redi-care center that’s just a block away but they sent him away because the cut was too deep.

My sister came and picked him up from the Redicare and took him to the ER.  I drove to my other sisters house (his mother) and picked up his medical cards, then drove to the ER.  Once I got there, they called his name, got him on a bed and checked him out.  The doctor sat down and started poking the needle into his finger to numb it down so she could sew it up.  He was screaming because of the pain of the shots but I’ll be damned if he didn’t keep his hand completely still.  He shook the rest of his body but kept that hand perfectly still.  The doctor commented on how well he did.  From my perspective, that takes an immense amount of discipline to do that, especially while he was in so much pain.

Once that was over with, the doctor let him alone to let the antiseptic take over.  It did.  When she came back Corey started crying again, anticipating more pain but we told him the worse was over.  The doctor started sewing up and when she finished the first stitch I asked him how he felt.  He didn’t even know.  He smile a little bit.  Only the third stitch crossed over into some tender flesh but the rest of the stitches he didn’t even know were put in.  He managed to gather enough courage to look at it.  5 stitches were needed to sew his skin back together… ouch.  No tendon damage, however.  They wrapped it up with some antibiotic ointment and send him on his way.  His finger is starting to loose the numbness now.  I gave him some advil in hopes that it will help.

We went out shopping afterwards and he seems to be in good spirits now.

I feel bad though.  I shouldn’t have let him handle the blade.  It’s a lesson learned for both of us.  He is determined to get that bike painted, however.  That’s going to be tomorrows task.

~ by aeroslin on June 30, 2008.

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