IRS and 53 Bank

Ok, let me just get this out of the way:


Ok, that’s what I call my touretts response to my frustration with the IRS and my bank.

I applied for a secured credit card recently.  They based my limit on a term I set based on money I have in my savings account.  I set the limit to 400 bucks which is just about all that I had in that account.

I was approved the card but have YET to receive a letter stating this.  Instead I found this out when I observed my suddenly empty savings account and a new mastercard account that was setup.  I submitted my request on 6/27 and by 6/30 my savings account was drained and the new account was created.  On payday I dumped some money back into my savings and expected to receive something from the bank before I left on my trip up north.  Did this happen?  No fucking way.  It’s not July 7th and I have yet to receive anything from the bank.  Oh, my bad, I DID receive something in the bank on over the holiday weekend while I was gone.  It was a notice stating that I overdrafted by 4 dollars, twice and that as a result, I was charged 66 dollars as a result.  It’s not just the bank that is faulty here, it’s the goddam fuckers at Speedway that are causing me that trouble in particular.  Pay at the pump charges you a dollar for your gas transaction and doesn’t charge your gas fees until after at least 2-3 days have passed.  When I look at my bank account balances, I look at the impending charges since it is always lower than my available balance.  The stupid fuckers at Speedway don’t report anything impending until they simply take it.

My frustration with that is that all charges that I pay for with my bank card should be immediately showing up as deductions. Every single other place that I use my card does it this way, it’s only Speedway that has suddenly started causing me this problem.  (Well, it’s my problem to because I’ve been keeping my checking account on a low balance due to all the big purchases I’ve made in anticipation for … my next bitch, the IRS)

Where’s my fucking stimulus check?  The gov had to deduct some of it, due to back taxes I owed which was less than 80 bucks.  I was supposed to receive in in the middle of June but have received no information about it.  I did check tonight on the status and they state that I should be receiving it before the end of this week and if I don’t, then I should contact them.  I’ll do that after this week.

~ by aeroslin on July 7, 2008.

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