My Obsession

So I’ve been obsessed with motorcycles this year.  It first started with an impulse purchase of a a small minibike I bought for my nephews.  This was fun for them and a great learning experience for all of us.

My next purchase was for myself.  It was a 50cc scooter.  Its purpose is to get me more acquainted with riding, and save me money at the gas pump.  So far I’ve done nothing other than ride that baby around.

The big family camping trip was coming up during the week of the 4th and my other nephew JJ had a minibike that his dad bought him.  I had him bring it over since it would then give all of us a bike to ride.  Well, that bike was too small and was waaay to loud to be riding around.  (sounded like a chainsaw on steroids)

So, again, on an impulse I set out on a quest to find another minibike like the one I bought originally.  I turned this city upside down looking for this particular bike and I found zero.  We drove 20 miles away into the nearest redneck town that is referred to as Chartucky, and stopped at several places until we reached the Tractor Supply Co.

TSC had a whole pile of bikes sitting outside.  Some of them were really nice looking 50cc dirt bikes but they were more expensive than I wanted to spend.  The only thing they had that was in my price range was the bike that was the next size up from the Baja Blitz that I originally bought, the Baja Warrior.  After much debating and dread I bought it and brought it home.

The Warrior, or as I call it the Green Machine, is a 200cc 4-stroke engine.  It has a SHITLOAD of takeoff power but is totally restricted to a top speed of 25mph.  On dirt trails it’s perfect but on pavement it’s rather disappointing.  This new bike looks like a slightly smaller version of a real cruiser-style motorcycle.  I just need to get the carb opened up some more.  It’s not governed like the Blitz is, it’s limitation is the carb itself, or perhaps just the jets.  Either way, there is nothing to adjust to make it faster.

I stopped at my mom’s place since they have like 5 acres of good riding trails.  We (my nephew and I) were racing around the trails and I hit a patch of loose dirt going around a corner and dumped the Green Machine.  Corey dumped his for the first time when he tried to stop himself from riding into the bushes.  It was good fun.

On a totally different note on bikes is that I got my scooter to 50mph on the downhills where I was staying.  That was a farking rush!  It’s hitting 40 without a problem and will do 45 down the inclines.  I am ready for the next step up though.  A real motorcycle.

~ by aeroslin on July 7, 2008.

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