The Power of Music

I cringe to think that I may have forgotten the power of music to affect my mind and my body.

The last two days I’ve had a huge crink in my neck on my left side.  One of those pains that you can’t actually rub out with your hand.  One of those pains that nails you when you turn your head in just the right way and it seems that every way is the wrong way.

At the end of my frustrations, sitting here at my computer, I turn on winamp because I have a Dead Kennedy’s song going through my head (We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now) and I turn it on but for some reason, I can’t help myself … it’s not loud enough.  I turn it up higher, higher, higher until I’m certain that the entire complex can hear it.

I soak in all the sound, like medicine.  My body relaxes, a smile creeps across my face, the pain is gone.



~ by aeroslin on July 11, 2008.

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