Weather Sucks

What is a summer in Michigan if it doesn’t feel like frost in the middle of August?

It’s August 10th, at the warmest part of the day, it’s 68 degrees.  Last week, 68 degrees was below our night time temperature.

All this cold weather does to me is force me to stay inside.  It also makes me very angry because, well, it’s fucking summer!  Not spring, winter, or fall.

What also pisses me off are the global warming fucktards.  This isn’t global warming.  This is global freezing.  In fact, I do not recall in my earlier life, a time when it was August and cold.

The thing is, I don’t hate the cold weather so much anymore so long as it remains in the boundary of where it should be cold, like spring, fall, and winter.  But in the middle of summer?  Are you serious?


I just need to move down south and get it over with.  I need a summer that lasts more than a month… all year around sounds about right.

~ by aeroslin on August 10, 2008.

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