More Mind Boggling

The god killer for me is that the universe is infinite.

I had thought that the universe was created from the big-bang and before the big bang happened, there was god putting everything together to create this creation.

What I realized is that the big bang may have happened as is observed by the expansion of the universe but that bang happened inside the universe.  It didn’t create it.  It is only from our own minicule perspective within the swirling mass of hot and cold that what we perceive as our universe, that is only the limit of which we can see and know.  We’ll keep building bigger telescopes and keeping the shutter open longer and longer and we’ll be able to see more and more but the further we try to see, the harder, exponentially, it will become to see anything beyond.  That’s the limit.  We can’t see further then that.

Some would say that my belief in such a thing is faith.  It’s not faith.  Unlike the faith that could be used as an accusation, I welcome the challenge of being proved wrong.  I so wish I knew enough of mathematics to prove myself wrong or right but I don’t.  I’m stuck with only my concepts and hope that someone might listen and try to prove me wrong or right.

Somewhere out there, beyond the greatest reaches of our perceptions, is a big bang about to happen, a big bang that is happening, and a big bang that has ended.  These beginnings and endings are not contained within some multidimensional space that M-theory tries to define but right here in this space we live in.  We share this space.

When they say that space is huge, most people just don’t grasp how huge it really is.  Grasp this:  In a single atom of hydrogen containing an electron, a proton and a neutron, the distance between the nucleus and the electron cloud is equivalent to a BB inside a football stadium.  The stadium being the electron cloud and the BB is the nucleus.  That’s the space inside an area so small that humans can only represent it mathematically.  Think on that for a moment.  It’s a wonder that we can interact with anything at all, but we do.  Now imagine 6 sextillion football stadiums crammed into a space the size of a drop of water.  That’s approximately the amount of atoms contained inside that 1 drop.  We see the drop but in reality, it’s mostly empty space.

It is simply amazing.


~ by aeroslin on August 12, 2008.

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