A Question

Here is a question that I cannot derive how it can be answered.

My first question is, ‘how does an atheist rationalize the existence of ghosts or spirits?’

I do not believe in ghosts or spirits.

If you’re a wiccan, you’re not an atheist overall.  You are perhaps an atheist to christianity, islam, hinduism, or judaism but you are not an atheist in general.  By this definition, the christian is an atheist when it comes to islam, judaism, hinduism, and wiccan, and this pattern follows for all other religions that are exclusive.

So my second question is, ‘are you an atheist overall or are you just an atheist to another religion, keeping your own religion as the only one there is?’

Me, I’m an atheist overall.

~ by aeroslin on August 19, 2008.

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