Before the story begins, I need to set the context:  I work the night shift.  That means I wake up at 4:30pm, take my shower, read the ‘paper’, then go to work by 5:15pm.

So, I looked outside yesterday (wednesday) after waking up and notice that the sky was starting to get dark.  I jumped on the computer and took a look at the weather radar and I see some rain coming in.  I decide that I should jump in the shower and get ready for work a little early in order to beat the rain.

See, I drive the scooter to work, every single day since I’ve had it, and I’ve been lucky to not have to deal with hardly any rain at all.  Just sprinkles.  Yesterday was different.

Ok … so …

After I get ready I head out to the mailbox and I already feel the rain drops coming down.  Not too hard but definitely raining.  I look over in the direction to where I have to ride and it’s mighty dark and ominous.  It was getting kind of breezy as well.

In my mind I’m debating whether I should drive the truck or ride the scooter.  Habit caused me to get on the scooter and leave for work.  I got out of the park, just on Eifert road and the rain really starts to come down.  Thinking I’m still close enough to home, I decide to pull off the side of the road in order to turn around.  But when I pull over, I suddenly can’t bring myself to turn around and go home.  I crack a smile and pull back out onto the road and head to work.

By the time I get to Holt road I’m utterly drenched and have to sit at the light for about 2 minutes.  In that time I decide to zip up my hooded ‘sick of it all’ jacket in order to prevent any additional saturation of my work clothes.  My pants were … LOL … completely and totally soaked on the top half, dry underneath.

The light turns green, I turn left and start heading up the road.  I happened to glance at a person in their car stopped at the light and they had a huge incredulous grin on their face as they watched me go by.  I can imagine what was going through their head.

The rain was coming down really heavy, to the point where I could hardly see in front of me with the drops crashing against my sunglasses and stinging my face as I pick up speed down the road.  Then something nifty happened, it stopped raining.  I heard some thunder rumbling but the rain definitely had let up by the time I got to the Aurelius road light.  However, I had to stop there and the rain caught back up to me again and started the drenching all over again.

By this time I start thinking about my laptop inside the bag that’s wrapped around my shoulder.  I’m hoping it stays dry.

The light turns green again and I start buzzing down the road.  Again, I get out of the rain by the time I get to Cedar street and once more sit at the light.  I see a guy on a motorcycle heading south and start thinking, “I feel ya brother.”  The rain picked up again but not as hard this time.  The rain follows me down Holt road and onto Holloway and finally slows to a drizzle by the time I stash my helmet under the seat.

So, I completed the challenge of riding in the rain not because I had to but because I wanted to.  I chose to be a little nutty and survived.  I also had a lot of fun doing it.  Lastly, it was a hot day, 85 degrees outside and about 90 up in my bedroom so the second shower was a relief worth enduring.


~ by aeroslin on September 4, 2008.

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