An Observation about Climate Change

Trillions of dollars of prime real estate are set to be demolished in the next 50 years, leading the power-hungry rich people who own that property to spend all they can on trying to stop the inevitable warming of the earth.

The earth is getting warmer.  I’ll admit it, but that doesn’t put me in the category of an alarmist.  I’ve said over and over that the climate was changing but around here, the changes aren’t exactly taking place during the seasons where it would be noticeable.  Our summers, here in Michigan, have gotten cooler and cooler over the last 10 years.  I can’t recall the last time it hit 100 degrees and the last couple years we’ve barely even hit the 90’s.  Our winters on the other hand have been interesting.

Our winters have been by far the warmest that I can remember.  I recall several Novembers in the 80’s where it got cold and didn’t let up until the spring.  The last couple years I’ve noticed that it doesn’t really get cold until late January.  Of course it’s cold enough to snow and we get accumulations but nothing that sticks until after the end of January.  This is a noticeable change.

It should be observed by everyone that there are indications of civilizations that existed on land that is now completely submerged by the oceans.  The east coast of Africa has several archeological sites that are under at least 50 feet of water.  After the tsunami devastated the east coast of India, scientists located a city that nobody even knew was there because it had been submerged by the ocean.  Only the force of the tsunami was able to uncover the city lying just beneath the surface and underneath everyone’s noses. 

That there are places on earth where there’s proof of human existence but are now under the oceans, leaves me to only one conclusion.  Our earth has been getting warmer for a very long time.  The ice caps have been melting since the end of the last ice age.  Now, instead of letting the earth get warmer as it should, we want to force it to get colder.  Like that’s going to solve the problem of our addiction to fossil fuels, or industrial waste dumping, or the general inefficiency of our world as a whole.

It is here that I draw my line by saying that people are crying over the fact that they’re going to loose their million dollar home on the edge of the ocean while at the same time the middle class and poor that own just that little piece in just the right spot, is going to be sitting on prime real estate in 50 years.

Scientists are working on a plethora of ways to cool the earth down and all of them are silly and in my belief, will cause more harm to the earth in the long run due to ignorance, than they would do good.  The surest way to cool the earth down in short order is to destroy it with nukes.  With all the religious nutbags that are in power around the world, the nuke option is looking more and more likely.

So, I think in the long run the earth is going to get warmer, as it has been doing since the end of the ice age.  The casualty in this change is going to be prime ocean front real estate.  However, I have a sneaking suspicion that someone has their fingers on the button of our nuclear winter.


~ by aeroslin on September 6, 2008.

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