Evolution makes us all guinea pigs

Evolution makes us all guinea pigs in the great experiment of life.

A christian man tried to argue with me that, “I don’t believe humans came from apes.  I don’t believe in evolution.” to which I answered, “Your entire statement is nonsense.  How can you say you don’t believe something when you very obviously don’t even understand even the smallest portion of it.”

Mankind did not come from apes.  Apes, chimps, gorillas and humans all came from something else.  That ‘something else’ was a creature that shared traits with all of the above but eventually diverged into the subgroups on the tree of life.

So, when it comes down to it all, evolution can be seen as an experiment of trial and error.  Those things that work, remain, those things that don’t, die.  With humans, the development of the brain is, I think, where we are in this experiment.  Nature, in it’s chaotic ways (not to be misinterpreted as a conscious thing), developed a creature with an overdeveloped brain and in doing so, found that this development worked well.  Over the course of thousands of years, the brain has become the dominant factor in our own evolution.

Read the book, The Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan, for an interesting story of how important our brains are.

In our ingenuity, however, we are sticking a wedge into evolution.  Those that are born who would have otherwise died due to genetic failures are instead being kept alive and surviving to have children of their own.  It’s our sense of compassion and love for each other that is driving this wedge into our own survivability.  Unless we can learn how to modify the dna and future development of living humans, we may be dooming ourselves to an increase in genetic flaws that eventually eradicate human life.

I’m thinking the unthinkable – mentioning the unmentionable not because this is my own personal wish but because from an objective standpoint, this is the truth.  Yet, reality is what it is.  Compassion and love abound in us to the point where we don’t want to see anyone die.  Or perhaps it’s a closet sadism that drives us to be compassionate in order to feed our desire to see suffering.


~ by aeroslin on October 6, 2008.

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