The New Bike

It’s not the best picture of the bike but it should give you a good idea.

It’s a 1981 Honda Twinstar.  It’s got a 194cc engine.  I’ve already taken the carb off it and cleaned it up which greatly improved the idling problems.  It had 8200 miles on it when I bought it and I’ve put almost 500 miles on it.  I bought it for 700 bucks.

I had my first breakdown last weekend (10/11/2008) which was a result of a couple of my own novice mistakes like popping the clutch or hitting first gear without engaging the clutch.  What ended up happening is that all that added pressure yanked the left side of the back tire forward towards the transmission, tweaking the rear end a bit.  I had my nephew with me when it happened and thankfully it happened in a quiet area of the city.  Corey and I studied the problem.  When my mom pulled into the parking lot, trailer in tow, a couple of guys on Harleys pulled into the lot, saw me struggling to get the bike in the back of the trailer and helped me load it up.  Once I got home and rolled the bike into my ‘shop’ it took me all of about 1 hour to hammer out the bent pieces, buy a new chain tensioner bolt and put everything back together.  It definitely rides smoother now.

I’m not afraid of speed, that much I can say.  I’ve had it up to around 63 mph and the engine was screamin but still had a bit more to it.  However, it’s a light bike and any faster and you start to feel like the slightest breeze is going to kite you into the air.  Semi’s suck to ride around.  To properly describe semi’s, imagine if wind suddenly became a hammer and out of nowhere blasted you in the face.  Yeah, that’s a semi passing you in the opposite direction.  I haven’t experienced them passing me in the same direction but I’ve heard that’s even worse.  Thankfully, I’ll not be taking this bike on the highway.

Bottom line is the increased speed definitely makes it colder, especially on nights like tonight when it’s in the mid 30’s but it’s bearable.  I’m still in love with riding – not in love with stupid people driving.

I am self-disciplined enough to say that I need to learn more on this bike and stop making stupid mistakes like shifting without the clutch or stupidly releasing the clutch when it’s in gear when I should be making sure it’s in neutral.  I’m making progress in these areas.  I use the rear brakes more now than the fronts and use both when I really need to stop fast.  Finding neutral is coming natural as well as knowing what gear I’m in and downshifting to the correct gear.  I’m getting there.  But, I’m not going to get a bigger bike until I’m sure I’ve stopped making these novice mistakes.


~ by aeroslin on October 17, 2008.

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