How to stop a recession:

Stop laying people off.
Stop closing plants
Stop shipping jobs to 3rd world countries
Stop being so fucking greedy when you’re at the top of the org chart
If you’re wealthy, you MUST spend your money, not hoard it.

The economy is stagnant right now because those that have the money, are not spending it or they’re not spending it at the right places at the right time.  Nobody needs a free hand-out of cash but if people aren’t buying goods, then goods won’t sell.  If goods don’t sell then the people that put those goods there, from the factory worker to the person that stocks the shelves loose their value and eventually, their jobs.

When you loose your job, you are very likely going to loose everything else as well, causing the perpetuation of the problem.

~ by aeroslin on October 25, 2008.

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