Ok, Here it is

Yeah, I was nervous when I went into the hospital this morning.  My mom was kind enough to drive me in and just be there for me the whole time.  She was awesome and very helpful.  Love you, Mom.

So, really the most interesting thing about it was that when they wheeled me into the OR, I saw all the nurses and the lights and all the equipment and then woke up a couple hours later.

I was really uncomfortable, not hurting though.  My acid reflux was in over drive and was causing me some pain but more so, it was the fact that they filled my chest full of air in order to bloat it out and create enough open space inside my chest in order to do the procedure.  All that air presses on the lungs so when I was trying to breath, it really got annoying.  Thankfully, that problem didn’t last too long but the goddam acid reflux did.

Problem:  They wanted me to eat and drink to make sure I could keep it down.  No problem.  However, I had worked all night, then put under anesthesia, then forced back awake again.  The only thing I really wanted to do is go back to sleep.  However, since they made me eat and drink, I couldn’t.  I spent the first 6 hours after getting home, wet burping and choking on it while trying to sleep.  My mom made me some chicken soup and poured me something to drink but I simply wouldn’t allow myself to eat it until I got some sleep.  She wasn’t too happy with that but she understood.

So, once I got all that crap in my stomach processed out and the reflux under control, I actually managed about 3 hours of solid sleep, woke up, took some vicodin, then slept again for another 3 hours.  I got up and around at 9pm and was feeling pretty damn good in comparison to how I had felt earlier.  I ate the rest of the soup (well, most of it), some saltine crackers, and half a bottle of gatorade.

It’s 2am now, I just took a vicodin, so I think I’ll try some sleep again.


~ by aeroslin on October 30, 2008.

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