Economic Rantings

I was watching Charlie Rose this morning and he had Tom Brokaw on there.  One of the statements that was made on there was about the comparison to the sacrifices made in WW2 verses the sacrifices made in this war on terror or war in iraq or middle east or whatever you call it now.

Both Rose and Brokaw felt that the citizens of the USA were not really called upon to band together in this ‘war’ and that if you didn’t have a relative that was serving then there was a gap put there.

See now, the thing that I recall about history of WW1 and WW2 was that such a large population of men had been shipped away that woman and children were put to work in order to help in the effort of the war.  The point is that there was a huge gaping hole in the work force of America at that time or in more direct words, JOBS WERE AVAILABLE to just about anyone that needed one.

Today, however, that pride that was alive back then is long dead since the jobs are now being offered to other countries.  For fucks sake people, when the US MILITARY offers a contract to build air planes to the UK, there is something very very wrong with that.  So I feel that for Rose and Brokaw to sit back so arrogantly and say that Americans haven’t been called to stand up and do something for their country, is so far out of line that they both should be sacked for their ignorance.

How can these two men be so ignorant of how the economy works?  Economics is not hard to understand.  You get a job, you work, you get paid, you spend your money, that’s it the economy works.  If you don’t have a job, you can’t work, you can’t get paid, you can’t spend money then the economy tanks.  The people that need this heart to heart talk about sacrifice and American pride are the fags that have moved their jobs out of the country.

Now those that moved their jobs out of the country in order to maximize profit are finding that by screwing over the original workforce, they’ve screwed themselves anyway because the economy they’re responsible for poisoning is poisoning everything else.  Let the 3rd world countries build their 3rd world products and let the 1st world countries continue to drive the economy for everyone else.

Oh, and fuck unions – it’s your goddam fault that this shit is happening anyway.  Greedy fucking sons a bitches.

Unschooled, unambitious, greedyfucks that believe that it’s their right in life to get paid 15 bucks an hour to operate a fucking screwdriver are a huge problem.  If you only just graduated high school and haven’t continued on with additional schooling or trades, yeah, for you I offer a MAXIMUM wage of 10 bucks an hour.  Screw you and your unions.  10 bucks is all you get.

~ by aeroslin on October 31, 2008.

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