Boo Hoo

I’m sad.

Earlier today I gave my nephew a ride on the motorcycle.  We rode around the block, enjoying the awesome weather.  It was sunny and so I had on my sunglasses, keeping my normal glasses in a case in my jacket.


Somehow those glasses were removed from my pocket while on this trip and fell into the road.  I never knew it.

Later in the day, my nephew Corey and I went trailblazing next to the complex we live in.  We went deep into these hardwood trees and wicked bushes in our search for trails (which we did find several hidden ones).  When we returned from our trailblazing trip I noticed that not only were my sunglasses gone but so was the key to my precious motorcycle.

I ran home to check to see if I left everything there somehow.  When I pulled into the garage I found my motorcycle key sitting on the ground.  Not exactly where I keep it.  That was a HUGE load off my back.

Panic set in and I dragged Corey and Jonothan back into the woods in order to backtrack and hopefully find a literal needle in a haystack.  We tracked and tracked for over an hour, slowly making our way into then back out of the brush, bramble, fallen trees, ditches, and every damn BURR weed there is.  We found nothing.

Then, out of desperation I decided to take a ride around the block, following the same path that I used when I gave Jonnyboy a ride.  Sure enough, just short of the entrance to the park, was my little black case – empty.  Further searching turned up a severely mangled remnant of eyeglass frames.


200 dollar Rayban frames and glasses – utterly and completely mangled.

~ by aeroslin on November 5, 2008.

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