Local Proposals

Yeah buddy!  A contest that started, for me, back in 2000 to push for the legalization of Marijuana has finally paid off.  The effort was long and frustrating but worth it.  I’m glad I was a part of that movement.  Just so people know, it was a resounding YES vote.  3.3 million YES to 1.7 million NO.

Troubling but relieving was the Stem Cell research proposal that relaxes the rules and bans against the collection of certain types of stem cells to be used in research.  You can bet that the religious nutjobs that are bent on running your and my own lives are kicking themselves for loosing this battle.  It is troubling however, that the margin of victory was very close, like as in about 250,000 voters.  Big props to the big cities that were the only reason why this happened.

Interestingly, the  Lansing State Journal has a nice breakdown of the results by not just county but by township as well.  The stem cell proposal shows a very marked difference in opinion between the big city people and the country folk.

In my personal opinion it shows me where I’d rather be in case I need medical attention – the big cities.  Where my treatment isn’t going to be faith-based.


~ by aeroslin on November 6, 2008.

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