Moving On

Here’s the deal:

I was about to loose my job in February as LGR closes down their 2nd shift.

The outlook was grim.

I spoke with my boss, Jess, to see what my options were and he mentioned that there was a possible opportunity down in Louisville, Kentucky.  The Ford line is about to increase their production and start up a 2nd shift.  Nick, the guy that runs the show down there has been interviewing over and over again for people to fill the position but hasn’t found anyone.

Today I was called into my big boss’ office to discuss this opportunity.  I can tell you that I was apprehensive at first and didn’t think that I was going to take the offer but after speaking with Matt I really started to change my mind.

He mentioned that not only is the cost of living lower down there than it is up here in Lansing, and that just by going down there I’d be making more money but that he isn’t adverse to getting me a raise in the process.  Bonus.  My first question then was how was I going to relocate and if Dakkota would foot the bill for me to move down there.  He made some calls and was met with zero resistance: Yes, I will get relocation aid.

Holy shit!  Am I actually playing my cards right this time?

I have a phone interview on Thursday afternoon to discuss everything that’s is going to be offered.  Kicker: They’re going to want me down there on December 1st.  Yeah, that’s like 2 weeks away.

So, I start thinking about the place I’m living now and how I’m going to break my lease with them – then it hits me, they have more properties around the USA.  So I checked and I’ll be farking damned if they don’t have a complex that is about 5 miles from the plant sitting in between two country clubs and next to the main roads in Louisville.  This means that I won’t have to break my lease but can transfer it to this other place and not have to worry about any fees or penalties.

Lastly, I get to get the fuck out of Michigan – FOR GOOD!

Yeah, I know, I’m kinda getting ahead of myself here but I can’t help it.  I have to charge forward with this because if I don’t, I’m going to start thinking about what I’ll miss by leaving.  My nephews and nieces, my sisters, my mother, my father, and everyone else.  Yet, this is what I’ve wanted for a very long time and it is long overdue for me to take the horns of my life and just do it.


~ by aeroslin on November 12, 2008.

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