My Laughable Situation

I lost my camera or else I’d have a ton of pictures to take of my laughable situation here in my new home.

I have nothing – or at least as close to nothing as one can have – and still survive.

I have a cot and a sleeping bag in my master bedroom.

I have my computer sitting on a foldable table and a chair with my pillow stuffed behind me so it’s not too uncomfortable.

I have toilet paper!  I have soap!  I just bought a shower curtain so no more soaking the bathroom floor.

I have plastic silverware, cups, and styrofoam plates for my kitchen.

Before I left Michigan last time, my nephews were walking through the parking lot at Oak Park and found a box full of computer books and equipment.  They brought it to me to look over.  I found an interesting book called, ‘Secrets of Game Design’ which was a book of interviews and points on designing good computer games.  The computer equipment consisted of a PC card dock for a computer and a 2wire card to go with it.  There was also a DSL modem and a NIC in the pile.  I confiscated this equipment and wisely brought it with me to Louisville.

My main PC doesn’t have a wireless setup so I thought that when I got a chance to I would install the card and toy around with it.  That chance came last night.

The second part of this story is that without internet access my life for the next week is going to be a very boring and sucky experience.  My service isn’t supposed to be turned on until the 20th and today is the 14th.  Insane.

Insane to the point that I grabbed my laptop while I was in the bathroom and started scanning for wireless networks that were open.  I found nothing open.  All the entries were secured.  After about 5 minutes of checking a single entry appeared out of nowhere in the list – unsecured wireless on a poor signal.  I connected to it right away without a problem – BING, INTERNET!

I then grabbed the 2wire card and installed it in my main pc but while I could see the entry, I couldn’t connect to it.  FUCK!  At this point I took the whole PC, table, stereo, chair, all the stuff and moved it upstairs into the 2nd bedroom which is on the other side of the house from where it was.

As soon as I got the PC up and running, without hesitation my computer found and connected to the elusive network, henceforth granting me access to the internet.

*wipes sweat from his brow*

I won’t be so bored when I get my cats and my tv down here.  Then I’ll have at least a variety of things to do instead of just sit here at the computer twiddling my thumbs.

Lastly, all my stuff that I’m bringing down here is going to be hard pressed to actually find a place to be.  This place is so elegant that anything that I put up is just going to class with everything.  I’m thinking I’ll need to retire some of my stuff and get some new things.


~ by aeroslin on December 15, 2008.

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