We are NOT a christian Nation!

The following text is an email dialog that took place on 12/19/2008 between me and a couple of fellow atheists in my meetup group.

At the end are several links to some very well written documents that provide more proof of the truth of this blogs title.

Anyone who makes the claim that America is a christian Nation is one of two things: Ignorant of the truth or knowingly trying to deceive you – you be the judge of which.




Many of the founding fathers such as
Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson were not Christians; they were
deists. This is not a Christian nation.


From: Jim Valentine

To: atheist-mailinglist

Sent: Friday, December 19, 2008 2:46 PM

Subject: Re: [atheists] Good column goes bad by dissing atheists

Then it seems to me that one of the
key responsibilities of educating the public is the clarification of the
reasons why these terms were used in the wording of the Declaration.  My
argument has been that the words ‘god ‘and ‘creator’ were ambiguous on purpose
and to get hung on that ambiguity detracts from the importance of the message
overall.  The message being directly implied being: it is our birthright
to be free.  Am I wrong in my thinking?


From: Frank
Seems to me that the most crucial ‘wordings’ are those in the US
Constitution.  And given that the First Amendment forbids the establishment
of religion by the US government (note that it does NOT forbid the
establishment of …a
religion…’ as in ‘this religion over that religion,’ but rather
it omits the article ‘a
and simply forbids the establishment of ‘…religion…’ as in ‘religion’
vs. ‘no religion’), how can the USA be rightly said to be a
Christian nation (as distinct from a nation
thus far mostly of Christians)???

In any event, see…











…and even the SBTS’s Albert Mohler agrees

that America is not a Christian nation, see…

…and…no, that oughta be enough — but if it isn’t

enough, google the phrase ”not a Christian nation’ and
you’ll see there are over 67,000 hits to explore
— Frank


~ by aeroslin on December 20, 2008.

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