Winter Solstice

Anyone that has the cold winter blues should keep this optimistic point of view in mind: After today, the days will start getting longer.

That’s right!  Today is the winter solstice for the northern hemisphere.  Today the northern axis of the earth is pointed as far away from the sun as it will get until next winter.  Because the axis points away from the sun, the sun then sits lower in the sky during mid-day.  The shortened days mean that the sun has less time to heat up the northern hemisphere, thereby making it quite cold, especially in the Artic Circle where the sun doesn’t shine at all, even during mid-day.  In fact, if you were at the north pole right now, it would be considered the darkest of the dark days because the sun never rises above the horizon.  Pretty cool eh?

Here’s a blog telling of the Arctic Experience

Prior to christians getting their slimy hands on this holiday, it was also called Yuletide from the many European Pagan groups that were around back in the early days of humanity.

Being an atheist, I really only feel the necessity to understand the natural cycle of events that our universe tends to tick by, the solstice are one of those ticks as well as the equinox.


~ by aeroslin on December 21, 2008.

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