Not a good situation

On January 1st, when I woke up for the day, there was only one thing on my mind:  Pay Rent.

Nobody can even imagine the apoplectic seizure that occurred when I checked my bank account and found that my previous place of residence helped themselves to my bank account and charged me for rent in a place that I no longer live.

So here is the real kicker, first, rent is late after the 1st.  The 1st is a holiday so nobody is around to even take the call.  I have to wait till the 2nd to get a response from Oak Park.  They immediately saw that a very bad mistake was made and refunded my money.  However, while I can immediately have money withdrawn from my bank account, it takes days before that money can be returned.

I’ve already come home once to have a nice little letter pasted on my front door, telling me that I have 7 days to pay or else I’m being evicted.  The kicker about that is that I also called the Plainview Apartments office on the 1st and left a message explaining what had happened and that it was imparative that they return my call – they never did, only pasted that goddam letter to my front door.

There is absolutely nothing I can do to speed things up.  Even though the refund was made on the 2nd, Saturday and Sunday are not valid working days and so they don’t count.  So a problem, that could have been resolved by the 4th of January is instead not going to be resolved until the 6th.

here’s the continuation of this story:
I started calling Oak Park every single day after the 6th, when my bank account failed to show any refund.  I told the manager that she’s going to have to call the people at Plainview to explain to them my situation since it was them that caused it.  The next time I called Oak Park, I inquired to Jalin what had come over her conversation with Plainview.  She said she sent an email to the Regional Manager to inform him of the situation.  They didn’t think there was any problem with that since the money was all going to the same place anyway.  This was a huge relief.

I didn’t get that money posted back into my bank account until the 8th.  I immediately went to the PropertyBridge website associated with my Plainview place and made a payment of 870.  I think it’s 859 altogether but I believe they charge the water bill on there as well so I paid more in hopes of covering some of that as well.  I checked my bank account and the 870 dollars that I paid, was still sitting there.  I took note of the email confirmation I had received about the payment I made, just in case something went wrong.  That 870 didn’t post until the 13th.  Holy fucking shit!  Man, I was stressing out.

I went 2 days without any financial issues…


~ by aeroslin on January 5, 2009.

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