More Financial Bullshit


Wisdom of the day today is this:
If you are feeling good about paying a bill, STOP – Something is wrong.

It’s the 15th of January, payday!  I have direct deposit so I got to see the money post in my checking account this morning.  It was nice since I had been living quite slim and on edge since the 1st and my ordeal with paying rent.

53 Bank has this program for people that have direct deposit.  It’s pretty sweet and works like those payday advance places but without the massive interest rate.  Basically, I have access to 500 dollars of my next paycheck in advance and the cost is 10% of the money requested.  So, if I request 500, I pay back 550.  The terms of this program are pretty simple.  Every direct deposit that is made, if t here is a negative balance for the early access, that payment will be made automatically on the days that you have a direct deposit posted.

I had such a balance this morning when I checked my bank account. 550 dollars.  I also showed that my direct deposit had posted.  Sweet! Money!

The first thing I do is pay the advance off.  550 dollars paid – cha-ching, balance is now zero.  Credit card payment, 390, paid – cha-ching balance is going to be zero tomorrow.  Checking account balance, 480 bucks.  Enough to pay the rest of my bills until I get paid again and with access to the 500 dollar early access, and 400 dollars of credit on my card.  Things are looking awesome!  I think I’ll go out to lunch today.

First though, I need to run to Walmart and pick up some ‘canned air’ so I can blow the dust off the servers in the rack.

I got to Walmart, pick up the canned air and go to pay for it with my debit card and – it’s declined. WTF?  Probably just a bad card read… try again.  Declined.  OMGWTF?  Pull out the credit card with 10 dollar balance left – ching, paid.

Doooooood, what the fuck?  On my way back to the office from Walmart I had planned on going to lunch… yeah, that idea faltered into the artic cold frigid ass wind chill.  I was too busy trying to think of why my debit card doesn’t work.  The one thing that runs in my head but I thought was not likely was that despite me making a manual payment to the early access money and SEEING the balance go from 550 to ZERO, that somehow the program still withdrew that money from my account.

I got back to the office and promptly hit my bank account and found that is exactly what happened.  The fucking bank paid me out twice.  They took my manual payment AND their automatic payment.  Not only do I have no money in my checking account, I have a negative balance of 67 dollars.

I had to wrestle with the fucking bank over this and I shouldn’t have.  The first lady I talked to pretty much told me, ‘too bad for you’ until I told her to give me to someone that could help me.  She did, thankfully.  The next guy, after seeing what happened had one of the payments reversed but I wouldn’t see it until tomorrow after 7am.  Fucking great.

So, what started out as a great day has turned to shit.  I’m sitting here at work, hungry and can’t eat because I have no money.

Man, I just can’t get a break.

~ by aeroslin on January 15, 2009.

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