Someone threw a snowball at me

Someone threw a snowball at me and it smacked me right in the Louisville.  Hell, it was so big that the fucker hit all of Kentucky with it’s snowy, slushy, freezing rainy, bad self.

Seriously though, we have some extreme weather going on down here right now.

First, it freezing rained for about a nice 1/8th inch layer, then it snowed like a mofo, for about 5 inches, then it switched back to freezing rain, then to a cold rain for the afternoon.  Then it really started raining tonight and now we have about a good 1/4th inch of ice over everything.  I took a couple pictures and posted them to show ya’ll.

At the moment we have freezing rain, which is supposed to change to rain, then back to freezing rain then to snow for the morning.  Yikes.

Governor Bashear has issued a state of emergency for southern kentucky because it’s completely trecherous and many people are without power.  Goddam, I hope I don’t loose power.


~ by aeroslin on January 27, 2009.

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