Anti-Religion Image

A couple years ago (almost) I had this idea to create an anti-religion graphic that I could use as the main graphic for a myspace group that I created.

I had the idea of using the cruicifix with the anti symbol around it.  There were plenty of those around.  However, I wanted mine to actually say something meaningful while still being offensive.

After some thought I came up with the following premises which I’ve found to be very helpful in my personal quest for truth.

Logic – Reason
Intelligence – Wisdom
Freedom – Responsibility

Each pairing of words means something.  Alone, they are weak ideas but together, they are solid concepts.

Logic has no meaning without the ability to reason.
Intelligence is wasted without the wisdom to apply it.
Freedom is lost when you fail to take responsibility for it.

I developed the signs from scratch and on the outside, posted those 6 words.  Over the bar that crosses the middle, I added the word Anti-Religion

I still have the original file, with layers, on my pc at home.

I am wholeheartedly tickled to see that this graphic has come to life on the internet.  I have seen it in several places on Myspace and Facebook.  Some have changed it, some have kept the original theme.

I’m not making any claims to copyrights as I am all about free media.  I am simply happy that I finally did something that caught on.  I hope that all the people that see that image stop and think about what it means and what the words say.  That is all that I could ever want.

Links to various usage of my image: (if the links don’t work, sorry, you probably need a facebook account to see them)
Anti-religion on Facebook
Another Anti-Religion group on Facebook
A Great looking modification to my original

I’d bet there are more places using this image that I don’t know about.


~ by aeroslin on April 10, 2009.

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