Rambling on about Untrue Histories

To the victors goes the pen to write history.   Funny thing is though, throughout the history of the world this saying hasn’t always been true.  Take Israel for example.  Their history is contained in their Torah or what Christians call the Old Testament.   It is mostly a fictitious writing.  Evidence supporting my claim is provided by the written histories of the other nations in that region during the time that the Jews make their claims.  Egyptian history, a very well studied and documented story doesn’t subtantiate many of the claims made in the Torah and often contradict them.  So the best that the Jewish scholars can do is find places in Egyptian history where their stories could have taken place.  An example of this is who exactly was the pharaoh in charge during the time of the exodus and the whole premise of passover?  Some say it was Ramses but in my study of this topic in particular, the range of possibilities is pretty large.  Such difficulty in providing dates and names for such a profoundly devastating event should by all reasonable standards bring the truth to the event into question.

Today, we have a much bigger problem with rewriting history.  It’s the Christians that are trying to rewrite the history of the United States if not the world at large.  It goes back to the rise of Catholicism in Europe and the very shady and evil methods that were used by these religious authorities to justify killing and torture.  We have  the constant use of untruth to support their positions and because of them being religious, feel that the use of such untrue information is not subject to inquiry or criticism.

Our forefathers warned us about the growing power of these such groups that wished to undermine the very purpose that America was founded upon.  Jefferson did it, Lincoln did it Eisenhower did as well.  Creeping through our history are the small changes that went unnoticed or only slightly challenged like changing the pledge of allegiance to say ‘under god’ and printing money to say, ‘in god we trust’ on it.  These small changes have rode  through history for so long now that today’s generation make assumptions that such a things have always been and provides them the false basis that America was founded on the concept of god or religion or Christian values.  The religious are rewriting the history of the United States, slowly, but the lying mask they’ve put on our history is still there and starting to look more and more like truth instead of the bullshit that it really is.

For the Jews of the time that their book was written, they had no power at all in that region.  They never did.  They were always a part of another kingdom whether it was Egyptian, Hittite, Persian, Macedonian, etc.  It was only in the last 100 years or so that they started to become a political player on a large scale.

The opposite goes for Christians.  Through the more recent history it is only the use of sheer numbers that is allowing such a rewrite of history to take place.  If everyone tells the same untrue story then eventually everyone will believe the untrue to be true.

This is the constant battle between those that seek the truth objectively and those who were spoon-fed their truth through a single source.


~ by aeroslin on September 2, 2009.

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