Random Thoughts

random thoughts

1. Children by nature don’t know anything when they’re born, at least not acquired knowledge.

2. Therefore, children eventually develop the concept of ‘magic’ where all actions that they do not understand, are attributed to a magical force.  I think that is the nature of the developing mind.

3. This magic that children tend to believe in can easily be called, god.

4. The concept of god is independent of religion.  Religion needs god but god does not need religion.

5. Children are so dangerously impressionable about god and religion at such a young age because they have not acquired enough knowledge.  This allows parents or other authority figures to skew the natural development of the brain.  Or in other words, it encourages the children to be afraid of the sense of god that they have come to understand within themselves.  That sense of god is only those things that they do not understand.  For example, sun-rise, sun-set, why the moon remains in the sky, what are the stars, where did people come from, who made the cute little bunny rabbit, etc.  Those things we most adults already know, children do not know and have never known but have noticed that they happen with regularity by a force that is beyond their understanding.

6. It is natural for the human mind to quest to ‘kill their god.’  or what I would otherwise call, learn.

7. A baby may not consciously believe in anything but to them, their parents are their gods.


~ by aeroslin on September 8, 2009.

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