Unfounded Paranoid Stupidity

“This is not what the founding fathers had in mind.” says every idiot that is bitching about the HCR bill that just passed.

Such a statement screams of their ignorance of several concepts. First is the concept of what the founding fathers had intended and the other is what the HCR bill means. By the time I am done explaining here, there should not be a question about why the HCR bill is exactly what the founding fathers intended.

First I present to you the essay that was the catalyst for the revolution. In spite of all the speeches and other essays written by the many enlightened politicians in the years surrounding the founding of this country only one of them was able to provide an essay that would spark the citizens to rebel. Many of you may remember, Common Sense by Thomas Paine but I suspect that most of you have completely forgotten its contents and its meaning.

Here I will provide you with a link to the full document and I sincerely urge you to read at least the first 10 paragraphs or so as it is the basis of my argument here. I will, however, provide you with his conclusion for those too lazy to read that dazzling document.

“Here then is the origin and rise of government; namely, a mode rendered necessary by the inability of moral virtue to govern the world; here too is the design and end of government, viz. Freedom and security. And however our eyes may be dazzled with show, or our ears deceived by sound; however prejudice may warp our wills, or interest darken our understanding, the simple voice of nature and reason will say, ’tis right.”

Several times during this essay Paine illustrates why government is a bad thing but at the same time the right thing.

For decades we have allowed the insurance industry to operate within the guides of ‘moral virtue’ but it is not capable of doing so, like society. So it has become necessary to assemble guidelines for this industry to follow in order that it may not only do what it was meant to do but do so unprejudiced and without greed as a factor guiding its hand.

If you sincerely don’t believe that the insurance industry has blood on its hands then just stop reading now because you’re way too deluded to even comprehend the rest.

Those that spout about ‘government control’ so quickly have forgotten why it is necessary. Without this control we’d still be living in a segregated, Jim Crow society. We’d be far more morally corrupted than we are today. You people acting like children are just mad because you’re favorite toy was just taken away from you because you bashed your little brother in the head with it too many times.

Freedom is a wonderful thing but when it is not tempered with responsibility, accountability and other consequences then it is purely chaos and not serving any good whatsoever. That is what the insurance industry was in regards to its own customers, lawless chaos able to get away with murdering its own customers without consequence. It cannot do that anymore and I am relieved.

It is unfortunate that it had to come down to a heavy hand but that’s the way it has to be. To think that the government seeks to control your life because of this is unfounded paranoid stupidity.

Here are 10 things that are changing immediately due to the HCR bill (link to data):

1. No excluding children based on a pre-existing condition
2. All Americans who are uninsured because of a pre-existing condition are now insured — by a stopgap high-risk pool
3. No dropping people from coverage when they get sick
4. Seniors now have a higher limit on prescription coverage by Medicare
5. Small businesses get tax credits to purchase coverage
6. Plans can no longer have a lifetime limit or a “restrictive” annual limit
7. All plans must cover an enrollee’s dependent children until age 26
8. All new plans must cover preventive services and immunizations without cost-sharing
9. An easier appeals process for rejected claims is now in the works
10. Insurers have to publish their overhead costs and will have to pay premium rebates if costs are too high

That the conservatives have made this into a two-sided issue is proof enough to me that not a single one of them has an ounce of good-will within themselves. This isn’t a traditional two-sided issue, it is a matter of what is right verses what is very wrong. It’s a matter of life verses murder. There is only one side to be on and to think from. The only argument should have been how to achieve the results but that isn’t what happened within our government. There was only the fight against anything that a progressive may come up with, no matter what it was. We hear the screams now from even the moderate conservatives that they intend to reject all ideas from the progressive side. THAT is childish and immoral.

I don’t for a second believe that the government is trying to take over my life and control it. I don’t wake up in the morning with big brother standing at the side of my bed making sure I operate my life the way I’m supposed to. I don’t have cameras watching my every move or a satellite monitoring my every location. I have freedom. I have the right to own a gun and that right cannot be infringed upon. Woman have the right to have an abortion if they see fit to do so and you and I have no say in the matter (pro-life is absolutely not a conservative view at all), I have the right to say what I wish with the idea that there may be consequences for it but consequences that I am prepared to accept.

You cannot look at the list above, comprehend the items in that list, and then reject them while at the same time call yourself a compassionate and loving human being. You delude yourself.

~ by aeroslin on March 26, 2010.

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