Gun Rights vs Abortion Rights

How does one justify shouting for the rights to own a gun while at the same time shouting for the right to take away the rights of another person in the name of abortion?

I personally believe that all human beings should be allowed, within reason, the ability and equipment needed in order to defend themselves from hostile intruders. The second amendment was indeed put into place to protect the citizens of this country from the eventual tyranny that always evolves from all forms of government. The founding fathers knew this and understood its importance when the second amendment was penned. In the time that this amendment was scribed, there was a real fear of this happening.

234 years later, many people take this for granted because we have evolved a society where we’re safe from the wilderness, and safe from the government since our most useful weapon against tyranny there is the voting booth. However, we have the option to go out and purchase a gun for our own purposes and the government has no say in the matter. This is how it should be. While I don’t own a gun, I love that I have the option to buy one, take it to the range and shoot it any time I want to. I would never want it to change.

The same people that fight so emotionally and so passionately for this option, want to take away a similar option for a person, specifically a woman. I’m talking about the right to have an abortion. Anti-abortion activists are not above murdering people in order to push their belief that abortion is the same as murdering another person. These activists push the straw-man argument that if woman have the right to have abortions, then there will be abortions happening all the time and our society will become one that kills life without thought or compassion. That’s the straw-man that is put out there to convince people that they’re right in what they do. This is wrong. Abortion rights give options to a woman just like all Americans have the option to own a gun.

Just because I can own a gun doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and buy one and if I did buy a gun that doesn’t mean I’m going to kill someone with it. The same goes for abortion rights, just because the option is there doesn’t mean that every woman is going to just go out and have sex just to have an abortion, nor does it mean that all woman are going to choose to have an abortion. They have the option, nobody has the right to force them to do one thing or another. They are sovereign over their body.

So to me, just using gun rights and abortion as an example, there is a serious lack of consistency in, ‘party politics’ The republicans push for the rights of gun owners but want to steal the rights away from a woman to have an abortion. There is no consistency in that ideology. That’s what turns me off about republicans and the tea party v2 movement.

~ by aeroslin on November 2, 2010.

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