I wrote this in a Facebook comment on Saturday. I got compliments for it so I thought I would repost it here on the blog.

Let me draw you a picture. See, there’s a bubble, not too big at all, and inside it is the human civilization with all it’s good and bad. From inside of that world, anything that is outside is unknown or irrelevant to those on the inside o…f that bubble. Inside that bubble is religion, it also has no desire to go outside of that bubble as its only relevance is to those inside the bubble. Religion goes out of its way to convince you that there is nothing outside of that bubble and most people listen. Most people don’t care one bit about anything that happens outside that bubble. That small bubble of our human civilization is contained within a larger bubble, one that may not even have any boundary. That larger bubble is where science roams. Some of us, while crammed into this small world of ours with everyone else, elbowing each other for room and shouting to see who’s the loudest, some of us want to know about what is outside of our little bubble. The use of the word, ‘god’ is not sufficient to explain what is outside our tiny world. Some of us let our minds roam to the furthest reaches of our universe and to the end of time. We dig holes, we smash rocks, we burn things, we freeze things, we stare and we measure. Is the universe open, closed, or flat? Is all matter made of strings? What is dark matter? Does the higgs boson really exist? These questions are far more useful than the question of whether there is a god or not. Science can even explain religion and why it exists. It can explain the mind and how it works. It is not interested in emotion, it is only interested in explaining what it is capable of explaining using the knowledge it has. Science doesn’t create fables to explain why the sun rises and sets, instead through observation and measure, and through the sharing of data among others, it explains that the earth spins like a top and revolves around a giant burning, fusing, ball of hydrogen gas. Religion isn’t capable of doing that, doesn’t care about the work involved with seeking out real truth, real answers. Religion forces you to see the world through ‘god-colored’ glasses and convinces you to numb your mind and quell the questions.

Some people get it while some obviously do not.

*steps off the soapbox*

~ by aeroslin on November 21, 2010.

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