A dream I had

The following is a dream I had on 12/19/10

I had a skateboard. I loved and was good as skateboarding. I had painted the grip tape of my skateboard with things that had meaning to me but not to anyone else. I was skateboarding in a special area that was designated only for people that lived in the area. In order to skate in this area you had to have a special decal painted on the grip tape of your board. I did not have this special designation (like a license plate) but I lived in this area and so felt that I was allowed to be here. There was a kid, younger than me, dark brown hair, round face, who took it upon himself to question my lack of designation and in terms of emotion, hated that I was there with him (like being a snob). He confronted me, I looked at my board, knowing two things, that yes I lacked the proper designation and that I did belong there regardless. My rebellious personality, gleaming. As the guy continued his tirade at me and his threats became more potent, I lashed out and beat him down so fast that he never knew what hit him. I remember specifically taking every swing with my fist, connecting with his face until I knocked his head back into a wall, knocking him out.


~ by aeroslin on December 19, 2010.

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