Business before Pleasure

Working the night shift, I’ve come to realize, is an escapism for me. When I work the day shift schedule, this places more value and importance upon my personal and social life. I don’t value that part of myself very highly. Working the night shift puts the emphasis on my career and technical skills, which is something that I do value.

I recall that when I began to work the day shift, my desire to concentrate more on my social and personal life increased to the detriment of my career and technical skills. I would stay up later and later in order to fulfill my sense of gratification. My lack of sleep made me a grumpy jerk.

What this means to me is that in spite of my claims to being self-disciplined, I still lack the discipline needed to regulate my personal and professional lives. I fear moving my career to a day shift schedule so I continue to be content with being a night shift worker.

Perhaps that will change someday.

~ by aeroslin on February 28, 2011.

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