Eternity of the Universe

Life is the consciousness of the Universe.
Predetermined Chaos is the facet of every life.
Reality obeys the laws of the Universe,
Our view of reality does not.
We try to put answers to what we see.
We come up short.
The reality of the universe is far stranger than we can currently understand.
I’m content with that.
Eternity, that’s how long the Universe has been here.
Eternity, that’s how long life has been here.
There is no grounds keeper to the Universe.
No, Him, Her, or It that started the engine.
String Theory looks right to me now.
How else can we explain how space can turn inside out?
How else can we explain ‘spooky actions at a distance?’
The dimensions of space go beyond the 4 our consciousness perceives.
Entanglement proves it.
And with every day, we get closer to learning how to move through them.
Jill Bolte Taylor did her best to explain the fraction that she saw,
as her brain began to perceive reality in two very different ways.
I’m not talking about, ‘woo’ here,
but talking about why the small group of people that stare dreamy-eyed
at the Universe in all its varying ways, devote their life to trying to understand it better.

Last night, the part of my brain that inhibits my desires to see and understand and love the universe, broke.
Hopefully, irreparably.
I caught a glimpse of that absolute beauty that reality has provided for us all.
It brought me to tears of joy.


~ by aeroslin on April 30, 2011.

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