What or who is Aeroslin?

I use this name a lot.  It’s not a dictionary word, it’s not even a word I’ve ever seen anywhere outside of my own mind.  I invented this word.  If you search for this word on the internet, every single instance of its use is from me.  So for that, I’m kind of proud of.

This word was born around Christmas time in 2001.  It was the result of me sitting at my computer trying to come up with a character name for the game Everquest.  I remember wanting to use the word Aero in my name.  I tried the easy ones at first like Aerostar or Aerogel but those were already taken.  So I started randomly typing letters at the end of Aero to see what looked ok.  After a few tries, Aeroslin was created.

The name has stuck with me because the game Everquest was a very immersive game.  I developed a distinct history with Aeroslin.  I made friends with people based on his mis-adventures.  Over time I developed a story for the character and over time the character wrote a story about me.

In Everquest I met some pretty awesome people.  Lildaila and Lego, Skratchen, Arah, Shorr, Chinchin and Canamini, Corvus, and several more people that I can’t even remember their names.  Once I retired from EQ I took a breather for a while and then when EQ2 came out, I resurrected Aeroslin again.  Same race, same hair, same class, same person playing.  This is when the character began to write the person.  After playing EQ2 for a while, I got to know some more good people there, Emach, Sadrith, Obian, Blaar, Sundrop, and … Yennie.  Aeroslin and Yennie.  The team. 

In all my life and the few relationships that I’ve had, I’ve never met anyone like the person that played Yennie.  From a purely game perspective, she and I were like magic when together.  We did things with just the two of us that would be a struggle for three.  That’s how good we were together.  When Obian joined us, we were called the Three Clown Posse.  We were unstoppable.  As my relationship with the player of Yennie developed into something deeper, Yennie became Sara and Aeroslin became Jim.  A whole new story was written.  I won’t go further into that direction but Sara and I were together for over a year.  She visited me several times and flew me down to Orlando for a very fun-filled weekend.  When that relationship ended, I felt it was time to retire the character.

So, I still use the name for other things because I couldn’t give it up but in MMO’s I just can’t use that name anymore.  He lived his life.

So that’s the story behind the word Aeroslin.


~ by aeroslin on September 4, 2012.

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