Coincidences are Frustrating

So, here’s a quick story about something that happened to me the other night.

We were all hanging out at the bar, I was really there to see my friend who is the bartender. It was a weekend night so we all kinda hung around until she finished closing the bar. Everyone that was there agreed to go to the other bar which was opened later. Nobody asked me if I wanted to go and my introverted ways demand that I not go where I’m not wanted, nothing bothers me more than imposing myself. We all leave, still nobody asks me to join them. I get into my car and go home instead of going out. I did have to use the rest room, which was my excuse for not joining them. I get home, sit down to take care of business. I pull out my phone, read mail, sit the phone down. All the while my mind is going crazy with, ‘should I go, should I stay, should I go, should I stay’ I finally made a choice. I said, ‘Fuck it, I’m staying home. But, if SHE texts me asking me where I am, (which has never happened before so no reason to expect it) then I’ll leave when I’m finished here.’ Sure enough, not 2 minutes after I set the phone down, she texts me asking me where I was. I was elated!

Ok, that sounds stupid. I’m such a retard.

The reason why I feel so stupid is because I really have a huge crush on this bartender. I’ve known her for a couple years and have hung out with her a lot while she wasn’t working but while she was waiting for her boyfriend to be done since he was also a bartender. I just don’t have any patience for having a crush on someone and dealing with those gooshy feelings. It frustrates me to feel this way.


~ by aeroslin on September 12, 2012.

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