My Geneology, a concise version

I am Jimmy Dale Valentine Junior, son of Jimmy Dale Valentine, son of Roland Junior Valentine, son of Floyd Roland Valentine, son of Floyd Herbert Valentine, son of Josiah Valentine, son of Cornelius Valentine, son of John Valentine, son of Jacob Valentine, son of Jacob Valentine, son of Jacob Valentyn, son of Claessen Valentyn, born in 1633 in Reusel-de Mierden, Netherlands. According to historic documents, Claessen was a part of a migration from Reusel-de Mierden to what I can best describe as Saxonland, Romania (Transylvania) likely centered around what is now calld Sibiu, Romania by his father, Claes (Nicholas). Claessen then migrated from Romania to New Amsterdam (Harlem) New York where he met his wife, Marritje Joosten (Margaret Jacobs) who was also originally from the Netherlands (Culemborg, Gelderland). They married in 1662. Claessen lived in Harlem for several years before moving and settling into Westchester County, NY where he founded the Valentine family at Valentine Hall. Claessen’s first son was named Jacob and was born in 1663. At this point I will call him Jacob 1 because there are several in a line that come afterward. It is my belief that this string of Jacobs was a carryover from the Dutch tradition of carrying the father or mothers name which would, in this case be the mothers maiden name. Jacob 1 was born in New Amsterdam (Harlem), prior to Claessen moving to Westchester. He married Jeannette in 1679 in either Esopus or Ulster New York. This is interesting because Jacob 1 would have been 16 years old when he got married and 17 when he had his first child. Also, both Esopus and Ulster are a ways off to the north of where Valentine Hall would have been. It leads me to think that he ran off or was sent off. Lastly, Jacob 1 had 6 children, all in the span of 20 years. He died at the age of 37, at the turn of the century, 1700. Jacob 1’s fourth child was also named Jacob (2) and was born in 1693 in Westchester, NY. Jacob 2 married Sarah Vermilye from Lower Yonkers, New York. They had 7 children, 5 boys and 2 girls. Jacob 2 passed away in 1748, shortly after his last son was born. From what I have read, Jacob 3 was the fifth born son and born in Lower Yonkers, NY in 1742. He married Josyntie Teller in 1763 and had their first child, John Valentine Sr in the same year. Thus far my story has been primarily about the apparently very large Valentine presence in the Bronx, and Yonkers New York. John was born in the Bronx like all the Valentines previous but died in Oakland, Michigan. John married Sarah Truesdell in 1794, likely in Westchester. Based on the seemingly conflicting information I’ve found, I believe that John was buried in Oakland, Michigan but died in Cleveland, Ohio, possibly making a trip either to or from New York. Another piece of conflicting information deals with when John was born. One source said 1763 and another 1771. I’m leaning towards 1771 at this point simply because that would have made him younger when he had his first child which would have been at 23 years old, not 31. Once again, an interesting story hides in the darkness of history. John died at some time after 1815 which is when their last child was born. Here’s some following information that was claimed about John Valentine Sr: He was a farmer, his family was Dutch (which I already explained above), and he served in the War of 1812. John’s fourth born child was named Cornelius Valentine. Cornelius was born in 1800 and died in Genesee County Michigan in 1855. Cornelius married Esther Alger on December 30, 1827. This shows up in the Oakland County marriage register. Cornelius had 8 children. Josiah was the second born in 1838 and lived a long life, passing in 1922 at 84 years old. Josiah married Nancy Hempsted in 1862. They had four children. Floyd Herbert Valentine was the fourth-born in 1878 and died rather young and possibly tragically in Byers, Colorado at the age of 35, in 1913. There is no marriage record for Floyd Herbert Valentine and Anna Belle Cunningham but they did have four children. My great grandfather was Floyd Roland Valentine. He was the second born son from Floyd Herbert and Anna Belle. He was born in 1904 and died in Holt, Michigan in 1964. Floyd Roland married twice. His first wife was Donna Belle Hoard. They married in 1926 and had three children. His second marriage did not produce children. My grandfather was the first born of their marriage, Roland Junior Valentine was born in 1927 and is still alive today at 85 years old. Time, however, has taken a toll on my grampa as he and his sister are both suffering from Alzheimer’s. Both are living in special homes for people with this illness. In his heyday, however, my grampa had four children with one woman and one child with another. For a long time during my childhood my dad and my aunts all lived in and around Lansing, Michigan. Over time, drift has happened. My dad, Jimmy Dale, currently lives in Leslie, Michigan with his second wife and second son. My aunt Connie lives in Holt, Gayle lives in Harrison, and Lisa lives in Midland, all in Michigan. Of myself and my siblings, I am the only person that has flown the coup and moved out of Michigan. I’m in Kentucky now, doing well for myself in the automotive industry. I’d give anything to start a new generation of Valentine’s here but I have been unsuccessful in that pursuit so far.

So that ends the story about the line of Valentine’s. It also explains why I’ve always had a desire to go to Harlem, the Bronx, Yonkers, Queens, all those areas of New York I have had an affinity for, primarily via music. I’ll have to make it a point to go there one day and visit the memorial marker that was placed on Seminary Avenue to signify the location of Valentine’s Hall, the place where my name was officially born.


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6 Responses to “My Geneology, a concise version”

  1. Thank you for writing about your genealogy! I’m trying to find out about a Martha Valentine, who is my 8X great-grandmother. I know nothing about her, but found her spouse listed in a census in New Paltz, Ulster, NY, so I was trying to find anything about the name Valentine in this area. In a history book from where she later moved, it said she was English, but her husband was from the Netherlands. It sounds like your Valentine name is from the Netherlands, so I just don’t get it. Maybe she was not from England. In fact, her husband’s grandfather was from Reusel-de-Mierden, the same area as your ancestor. This seems like hunting for a needle in a haystack, so I was glad to see your article. I hope you make it to Yonkers to see the site of the Valentine Homestead!

    • You are very welcome! I remember how excited I was while doing this research. I haven’t made it to New York yet but it is definitely going to happen in the future.

      I pulled a lot of my information from but that wasn’t the only place. I had to dig around quite a bit to find what I was looking for. was another really good source for Valentine information.

      I wish you the best of luck in your research!

  2. Donna Belle Hoard is my Aunt so Floyd Roland Valentine is my Uncle. I met your Father in the 60s, he may or may not remember me. I struggled with the Valentine tree and could get to the Magahes. I have a fairly large tree for the rest of your familys. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

  3. I was wondering if you have any information about Josiah & Nancy, I have never seen any photos or really had any information other than statistics about them. My Great Grandparents were James and Emma Tyler Valentine, Josiah & Nancy’s son, Cornelious’ grandson. Any family stories? It would be great if you had some to share. I have my tree on ancestry for now and my pictures only go as far as James and Emma, and then some that have been shares on Nancy Hempstead’s side of the family. I think I have written your sister as well, “Tut” reference. Take care.

  4. Are you aware of the Valentine-Varian museum in the Bronx? It is on my bucket list – I have always wanted to go, but my father always told me it was too dangerous and now I have moved to the south so I don’t see a visit in my future. My grandparents kept records of all the lineage from Valentyn’s leaving Transylvania to my grandfather. According to them, someone at the museum was actually keeping up with it for us and as people contacted them about births and what-not, they updated. My grandmother was under the impression they had stopped this practice, but it was still awesome to see the papers they had given her. I’ve been meaning to contact them about it, but I only think about it at 1:30 a.m….

  5. Hi! My grandmother was Marjorie Valentine, her father was Andrew Jay Valentine, his father was Frederick Sprague Valentine, his father was James Valentine, his father was Frederick Valentine (brother of your John Valentine) both sons of Jacob Valentine and you know the rest of the story. Frederick moved to Washtenaw County, MI w/family. James moved to Litchfield, Michigan and Andrew moved to Albion, Michigan. My grandmother & dad lived in Stanton and I was raised in East Lansing. I have learned from you info and appreciate it!

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