I had a dog named C’mere. She was a pretty awesome animal. I found her, actually, when I was managing the ice cream shop. I was around 20 years old at the time. I remember that the place was busy, we had lots of customers. Then a lady came into our sit down side and said that there was a dog wandering around the place. The dog looked malnourished and was begging for food from our customers. Well, I went outside and called to the dog who was really nice. I grabbed some of the fried chicken we had sitting out, broke it down and gave her some. That dog never left my side after that moment. I named her, C’mere. That is the word that she responded to when I first found her and that is what she got named. This dog understood several phrases and would react to them. Most of them I taught her but the others I’m sure she was trained. I never knew how old she was but I had her for 4 years and the vet guess that she was around 3 or 4 years old. She had the body size of a beagle but with longer legs like a mini-doberman. Her body color was that of a beagle with black, white and brown. Her face was the most unique part. She had a distinctly doberman face but her ears were monsters. They stood straight up in the air. She looked like the living manifestation of Anubis. Being a small dog, she had the small dog mentality of thinking that she was bigger than every other dog. She would bark but she wasn’t annoying about it. She knew when to keep quiet. There were several things about her which endeared her to me and my memories.

Like I said, she knew and reacted to several phrases that, when you read them, look silly but they were the language that I had for her. The most unique phrase was, ‘jawakosai’ which would cause her to run to the door and dance in circles waiting to go outside. Another phrase, was, ‘gitchertail’ which would piss her off because it meant that my hand was going near her tail which she was very sensitive of. She’d get to barking and growling at me whenever I said that. Of course she knew sit, laydown, and go laydown. I always loved it when she would dance around in circles after not seeing me and licking my face. She loved me dearly. She had bad hips, I remember that as well. Some days she would be fine, and others she would limp around and one night she woke me up because I had accidentally rolled over on her and she started yelping in pain. Broke my heart. Another mannerism she had was rocks. You could not by any means, pick up a rock from the ground. Those rocks belonged to her. I’m not talking about pebbles, I’m talking about good throwing rocks. She would do anything you asked her for that rock if you picked it up. If they’re on the ground, they didn’t exist, it was only when you picked it up would she get excited. She’s long gone but I saved one of her play rocks. It has her chew marks on it. One other thing that I liked about C’mere is that I never need to put her on a leash. When I said that she never left my side, I was serious. She was never more than 10 feet away from me. When we went out to walk, she would always, dutifully, remain near.

My aunt reminded me of some of the really dumb things she did, like jumping out of a moving vehicle onto the middle of Grand River Ave, rolling like a ragdoll and running to the curb. Then there is this one event that scared me dearly because it was entirely my fault. On one hot day I was driving home, had some friends over and forgot that she was still in the car. She’d get so comfortable that she’d just go to sleep in the back seat and this day I forgot. She was in the car for hours. I ran to my car to get her and she was still there and alive. She ran to the door, I ran for some water. She sat there and started lapping up the water for a good 3 minutes. Then, standing at the dish, she toppled over like a tree falling down. Legs stiff. She laid there for a couple seconds and then got up and was fine. Ugh, even telling this piece of story breaks my heart.

What broke my heart the most was when I decided it was time for me to go to college. I stopped drinking, I stopped smoking pot, I stopped tripping. I cleaned myself up real quick because college was too important to screw up with stupid childish habits. My mom didn’t want anything to do with the dog. Neither of my sisters had a stable enough life. I turned to my friends and had my buddy Dave come and get her and hand her over to his ex, who had found a home for her with an old lady. Two old ladies. According to Heather, the lady built ramps for C’mere to get up on the couch because her hips were so bad she couldn’t jump anymore. When I left for college, I cried because I had to leave her behind.

I don’t know when she died, don’t really care to know. She’s still alive in my memories.


~ by aeroslin on October 9, 2012.

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