Swept off my feet!

I would like to tell you about a girl I met online named Samantha.

I’ve been down the road of meeting people online. I know all about ‘catfishing.’ I’ve been doing shit on the internet since well before the shit was popular. I’ve been meeting awesome people through the computer since the late 80’s. I have a clue.

Up until this point in my life I have gone through cycle after cycle of being happy being alone to being straight up lonely and in need of intimate human interaction. I was feeling myself slip back down into a depression again, feeling alone. Then…

My buddy Darren made a post on facebook about him seeing some dude jogging in shorts during a blizzard. Darren saw him while he himself was walking to the bar. I thought the statement was pretty damn funny so I decided to start clowning him about it. Meanwhile, 2 other people were doing the same thing, Foy and Sam. What started out as a drive-by joke, turned into an interesting conversation among all four of us. It lasted for a couple of hours. Lots of laughter and a little flirting with Sam between the three guys. She took it like a pro. She was pretty impressive. Meanwhile, I got to looking at her public profile pictures and was quite impressed with how she looked. The few pictures I could see were pretty amazing. It wasn’t the first time I’ve gone through her pictures, either. I’d seen her make comments to Darren before so she wasn’t an unfamiliar face, just unfamiliar in conversation. Later that night Darren posted a message on my wall joking around about how I stalked him all night. I told him that I thought Samantha was pretty interesting. He agreed and that was pretty much it. I didn’t ‘friend request’ her immediately because I think that tends to lean more towards being creepy. I thought about it though. I wanted to give it another night.

So the next evening I started looking for her to make a post on something that Darren said and sure enough, she did. I jumped in there and made a joke about it, got a little bit of conversation going and then it stopped. We hopped from one post to the next. In the meantime I sent a message to Darren asking for a little info from him about her. I told him at that time that I had a gut feeling about her. He clowned me about it because I live down here in Kentucky and she lives up there in Michigan. That thought didn’t really matter to me because my gut was telling me to cautiously step forward. I finally just friend requested her and she immediately accepted it. I started checking out her posts about stuff and started watching some of the video links she was posting. Bloopers and practical jokes and whatnot. I’d click on like, then another one would pop up. So I got to looking for similar links to post. This went on until I got out of work, which was earlier than usual. I took off to the bar to contemplate over a beer and a shot. I get there, drink my drink and my shot, then pull out my phone and see that I had received a private message from her asking me, ‘Are you watching the videos I’m posting??’ I hadn’t seen any of the new links but this sparked an interesting conversation with her. I was hunched over my phone every once in a while talking to her and at the same time talking to my friends. We ended up chatting on facebook until a little after 9 in the morning.

I don’t know what happened to me in that conversation but I felt every single brick that I had put up around me to protect my feelings, fall away like nothing. I had gone out to the bar on Saturday (3/16/13) night and wasn’t really having a good time because all I could think about was Samantha. We picked up our talking from the night before and just kept on going. Later that night, after I had gone home, she offered me her phone number.

From that moment something caught on fire. We ended up talking on the phone for 9 hours. This last Sunday I talked to her on the phone all day long, at least 13 hours of talking. So much has happened in the last 11 days that anyone else would think we had lost our minds.

I still can’t find the words to describe how I feel about her. We’ve swept each other off our feet and have found ourselves floating in our clouds. I’m heading up to finally meet her on Friday morning. It is going to be the most magical experience I’ve ever had. I’m certain of it.

I can’t wait to see her!


~ by aeroslin on March 28, 2013.

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