Judging people

So I was in the store and saw this nicely dressed lady in the checkout line. She was purchasing some good high quality food. When she paid for it, I saw that she used an EBT card. I was like, huh, never would have guessed. Then I saw that she had an iPhone on her hip, a silver necklace, and coach purse. I started to think, ‘oh, there’s one of those food stamp scammers. I bet she drives a nice car too. Fuckin ‘poor’ people spending my tax money.’ So out of curiosity I watch her walk into the parking lot and get into a super nice 2013 luxury sedan. I shake my head in disgust. Man, I just can’t believe that some people would be so inconsiderate and lazy and steal my money. Goddam bitches. Welfare queens, I swear. Everyone that needs to use food stamps or get cash from the government should be drug tested or forced to do community service. I know for sure that they’re just scamming the system. I mean, really, iphone, bling, nice car, but your ass can’t afford to buy food? WTF? – Now if you have got this far into my writing here you’ll know that this is absolutely not how I think. This is, however, what a lot of people think. What these people don’t realize is that the car the girl is driving, belongs to the man who is nice enough to let her use it. The phone she has that still works was purchased as a gift for her and is being paid for by someone else that loves her and wants to make sure she has all the resources she needs. The necklace around her neck was an heirloom from her grandmother and the purse is 3 years old. She’s using food stamps because she just lost her job of 5 years due to downsizing. The narcotics in her system are for pain management because she has a disease that causes her pain every single day. Stop judging people because you THINK you know their stories. You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you help someone that needs it? Yeah, that’s a good feeling, that’s being compassionate. You know that feeling you get when you think, ‘I want to help you but…’ yeah, that’s you being a fucking jerk.

~ by aeroslin on September 21, 2013.

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