The word sardonic has been popping into my head of late.  I had to look it up.  My gut feeling about what it means was what I thought it was.  Grimly cynical.

As my brain chemicals go back to their normal levels, and the cymbalta finally fades away from my life, I hear the echoes of my bitchy ex girlfriend telling me that my temperament is going to drive me to a heart attack.  She might be right.  Even without her crazy bitchiness to deal with, the world in general rears its always ugly head to me and drives me to anger and frustration very quickly.

Right this moment I’m thinking about how society has been programmed to think that human life has no value against personal property or wealth.  It’s irritating to look at this country of ours, a country made of laws to ensure that everyone remains protected, turns onto itself cannibalistically to devour those less fortunate.  It is more important that Joe Greed gets rent when he wants it. Failure to do so will get you killed by a cop and because of these laws, you can’t claim self-defense if you try to protect yourself and your family from him.  It is so easy to take a sterile, cold, and completely procedural approach to life, as if there is only black and white, grey is wrong.


~ by aeroslin on January 13, 2016.

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